Cretin: a rad CD reëncoder

Cretin 0.5 beta 5

200710050845, gamache

Cretin 0.5b5 is available. 0.5b5 fixes Makefile bugs involving ._-named files, i.e. Mac OS resource fork droppings, and introduces the cfg.keep_encoder_running config variable.

Cretin 0.5 beta 4

200710040845, gamache

Cretin 0.5b4 is up. 0.5b4 sports a number of small improvements including better file locking and control of spawned encoders.

Cretin 0.5 beta 3

200710031145, gamache

Cretin 0.5b3 is available. Improvements include a Makefile.PL (a real install process!) and a man page (real documentation!). Snag it and start beating up your CPUs.

Cretin 0.5 beta 1

200710011830, gamache

Cretin 0.5 beta 1 is on the downloads page. Cretin 0.5b1 is a glorious dragon of holy truth, gorging on CDs and belching them out, blazing, in five colors. New features include:

  • Config files

    Yes, no longer are you reduced to 'vi' in order to customize your Cretin. /etc/cretinrc and ~/.cretinrc are read automatically, otherwise you may use one of our new...
  • Command line options

    Including NOP.
  • Recovery of crashed or interrupted sessions

    I promise, it was not Cretin that caused that brownout. Use the -recover option.
  • Documentation

    I wrote some! It is here, and in your cretin/www/ directory.

Cretin 0.5 coming soon

200710011200, gamache

Cretin has outgrown 0.1 status. It's feeling more like 0.5 now, so the next release will be 0.5b1, sometime in the next 24 hours. New features include real command-line options, config file, a real installation process, recovery of interrupted encodings, and more. The 0.5 tree should not move as quickly as 0.1, feature-wise, so hopefully I won't be rewriting the docs every release as I have had to do so far...

Cretin 0.1 beta 6

200709301730, gamache

Cretin 0.1 beta 6 is available at the Downloads link above. 0.1 is almost feature-stable and 0.1b6 works quite well. Cheers.