Cretin: About

About Cretin

Cretin is the CD Ripper, Encoder and Tagger with an Inoffensive Name.

Cretin is a high-performance Perl controller for rippers and encoders, incorporating CDDB disc information lookup and tagging.

There are many tools which accomplish this goal; why use this one?

  • Distributed Ripping

    Rip CDs on every box you can jam a CD in...

  • Distributed Encoding

    And encode audio on as many computers as you can beg, borrow or steal...

  • Multiple Formats

    In as many formats as you can think of...

  • Multiprocessing Support

    On as many CPUs as possible...

  • Delayed Encoding

    When you're not using those precious CPU cycles yourself...

  • Console Interface

    And not have to use some crappy GTK GUI to do it.

Cretin runs in any POSIX environment, including BSD (Mac OS X), Linux, and Cygwin. is required for FreeDB information lookup.

Cretin promises to reëncode your CDs better than any other tool. Pick up a copy at the Download link above and give it a spin!